Hello and welcome!
Nice to see you, have a look at my work!
I am a creative media enthusiast, working at D-Facto Motion GmbH in film postproduction in the heart of Bavaria Film City in Munich/Grünwald.
Besides working as an employee I produce audiovisual media content, graphics and photography for personal clients.
Feel free to have a look at the work we do at the non-governmental organisation balkaNet e.V. and check out my video podcast project 5to9.
How I landed in Munich - my degrees in "Popular Music and Media" (B.A.) and "Digital Documentary/Creative Media Practice" (M.A.) and the confusion of life itself led me to a few inspiring places. 
Starting in the conservative rural area of Paderborn and Detmold (East Westfalia) - discovering music history and media science, in search of interesting pop culture where there didn't seem to be any. On the sunny and vibrant coast of Barcelona (Spain) I then got soaked up by the creative energy of street life - while learning about advertising and documentary films. In the TV and Media metropole Munich (Bavaria) I started building a network and got into TV production for the first time. Only then to leave it all behind and fall for the charming spirit of Brighton & Hove's (UK) pub, music and poetry culture - experimenting with documentary films and expanded cinema at Sussex University. Belgrade (Serbia) was where I finally left my heart. I slipped into the political complexity of the region working for a German NGO in Belgrade's old town till I found my first real employment at a major TV post production house named Constantin Entertainment Serbia. Meanwhile I started diving into European history through the pinhole of this fascinating former Yugoslavian capital. When I returned to Munich, I discovered the city anew. Only through the power foreign languages can give you, I discovered it as the multicultural and pluralistic city it can be. Munich is where you will find me now, digging and connecting to committed people and organisations, looking for new initiatives and places and finally building a home base here, together with my wife and two children.

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